We create exclusive, authentic, and memorable experiences for our clients in everything we do. Our line of work is based on creating timeless designs, with a classic and elegant style, custom made, exclusive collections and the pleasure of enjoying the process.

The starts

Byssinum officially begins in the Eastern Mediterranean Coast when the yacht “Sueños Dorados” was entrusted to us to develop and shape an interior design solution.

It was a success. Since then we love to discover what the owner is looking for, those special moments they would like to keep in their memory. Each boat is unique and has its own essence. We recreate this through a total or partial remodel with the guarantee of knowing the aesthetic details and quality work.

Our values

Oceans, wildlife, biodiversity. We are in constant research to improve and take care of the
environment and each of its inhabitants.

Vivid memories and wonderful sceneries. Tradition and future. Elegance and exclusivity.
Nature and culture. Commitment and joy.
Always striving for excellence.

Preference for domestic suppliers with sustainable certification.

Use of renewable raw materials in order to preserve natural resources.

Promote local employment and the proximity of the production.

Look after cultural heritage as a unifying force.