Byssinum, as yacht interior design specialist, offers a complete service of restyling and decor giving shape to the client’s dreams.

Mediterranean beaches, magnificent landscapes, turquoise waters… Inspired by these images we have decided to go further and bring our values and experience to the swimwear fashion industry. Now, our customers will feel unique living and wearing Byssinum.

Sail, swim, dive with us.

Spring Summer 2023 Collection

Design on board - Yachts and Superyachts

Having more conscious and sustainable swimwear is our driving force. Our local manufacturing contributes in the creation of employment in the community. We use raw materials which make us an authentic Made in Spain brand. In addition, we are very proud as the 80% of the fabrics we use have the sustainable company certificate.

Each woman should be her own model of inspiration. Not only does she look good, but she follows her own conscious life values.

The current consumer trend is based around being respectful of the planet. From BIO foods to DOMO constructions, passing through an infinite scenario of product and market possibilities.

You can have it all: confidence, elegance and sustainability. You choose.

You can have it all: feel at home on board and enjoy quality details. You choose.

We are specialists in yacht and super yacht interiors. We carry out maintenance, design and custom decoration. And the biggest reward is that our customers are proud to be part of Byssinum.

We help each client to fullfill their dreams. Understanding their needs is an essential part of our service. We create spaces that provide the necessary comfort and convenience so that your boat feels like a second home.